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Welcome to our website. Since inception in 2004, YADA have remained committed to the vision and mission of positively impacting the lives of individuals and communities through our no-nonsense approach in dealing with Illicit Drug Use and distribution.

Our inclusive, collaborative approach makes us unique in our mission and vision, since we fully understand “the animal” contained within the addiction and allow our success story along with our firm belief system to equip the individual with knowledge and ability to overcome, as well as the family member to understand addiction and deal with the process while the individual is undergoing their life metamorphosis.


Registered and Section 21, Public Benefits Organization, YADA (Youth Against Drug Abuse International) has since 2004 impacted not only South Africa, but also neighbouring countries with its passion to reach the next generation with a pro-life message all the while awakening them to their purpose and destiny!

Today YADA remains faithful to set those who are captive free and release those who are in bondage!

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We believe that all humans are:

We believe in God’s Purpose and Destiny for all of man-kind

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