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Reaching back for the lost and paying it forward for the next ... Since 2004


Tackling Life-Issues & Empowerment

Our Mandate

Educate, Equip &

Empower People to Overcome

Welcome to our Website

Since 2004 YADA™ has proactively engaged the Youth of  South Africa with a pro-life Faith-based message, educating and equipping them with a process which is aimed at creating a positive associative platform for young people where knowledge allows them to “Say No” to pressures that cause them to get entangled in destructive behaviour patterns.

Our Vision

See Generations of people live a life free from destructive patterns.

Our Mission

Unite Communities 4 Victory

With this said, the Leadership has committed themselves and set course for the foreseen future to reach backwards, pay-it-forward and position other upward a generation, that would otherwise miss their destinies if left to their own devices.

Having discovered our part “in the wall” and our hearts united, minds focused and set to proactively build according to a sound-pattern, it is our deepest desire to see what we have started being established across South Africa and Abroad  and see this cause that remains far bigger than us impact millions of lives for the Greater Good.

We believe that Equipping Individuals is the only aspect that will “awaken the lion within” and evitably lead individuals to discover who they are intended to be, then act on it progressively as they reach towards a life of significance. Besides events and talks, we are a new generation that makes use of Social media to bring our message across and utilize this tool to reach a vast sea of individuals otherwise unreachable.

We trust you will find encouragement and synergy as you surf our pages and look forward to hearing from you in due course as we expand beyond SA boarders into Zambia, Botswana and the remaining part of the globe on coming months..

God Bless you all,

#TeamLife #YADA


We are proud to announce that YADA has been nominated as best business of the year in tha category “Best Drug Prevention Service 2017 in South Africa” compared to other services providers in the Middle East of African Continent by MEA.  It is with great joy that we continue to forge ahead in our endeavours towards leaving a lasting, Global Legacy. Click the logo below for more info...